Silent Gliss Blinds

As the leading global supplier of curtain tracks and blinds, Silent Gliss is committed to serving the requirements of the upper end of the window treatment market. This represents customers who rightly expect the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality. Silent gliss blinds will always live up to their premium expectations and accommodate all sizes and weights.

At the very heart of our core competencies is innovation, inspired and driven by customer needs. Expecting the best includes excellent service. Bright A Blind provide an extensive range of services including technical advice, fitting and maintenance. Our main priority is providing you with silent gliss blinds that are right for you and of the highest quality. There is nothing worse that blinds that do not fully block out light, leaving sleeping in on your day off or watching films with the glare of the sunlight on your screen extremely frustrating, with silent gliss blinds, these issues will no longer occur.

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