Draper Window Shades

Draper US has manufactured custom window shading solutions for over 100 years. As the oldest UK partner to Draper, we can recommend Draper’s window shading systems confidently. Their Draper window shade systems are designed to work in almost any control scenario. There is a full range of draper product options to choose from depending on your needs, each design and functionality option aims to not only provide aesthetic appeal, but also practicality.

These Draper shades have controls ranging from simple wall switches to manual bead chain clutch operation, remote operation, all the way to sun tracking and building operating systems. Ask to see one of our local UK wide technical specialists, we will be able to provide a Draper window shade control package to get the most out of a demanding budget and add a touch of convenience to your life. Remember Draper Flexshade has a 25-year warranty.

The benefits of Draper window shades do not end here, another important aspect to consider with regard to these window shading systems is the energy-saving elements to these products. It is important to use to provide solar control that limits the use of electricity. Moreover, sensible shading allows the benefits of daylight, whilst simultaneously managing glare and solar issues. An added bonus is the

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