Bright A Blind are commercial blind specialists providing installation, cleaning, maintenance and related services across all business, healthcare, education and government sectors. We have been market-leading commercial blinds suppliers for nearly 30 years, providing completely tailored commercial blind installations and maintenance services.

Commercial Blinds for Healthcare Providers

Bright A Blind are leading commercial blinds suppliers and installers for healthcare service providers. Our experienced installation teams are trained in the sensitive aspects of carrying out work for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and clinics.
We can provide advice and guidance on the most sanitary options for each installation. We can also provide comprehensive blinds maintenance and cleaning services.

Commercial Blinds For Schools

As commercial blinds specialists, Bright A Blind offer an extensive range of durable blinds, ideal for schools and academic facilities. We create bespoke solutions, tailored to our clients’ specifications. Our extensive range of materials and colours provides colour matches for existing colour schemes, allowing institutions to incorporate their blinds systems into their image.

Commercial Blinds for Government Buildings

With many years of experience carrying out commercial blind installations in government buildings, Bright A Blind is a market leader in providing, installing and maintaining blinds for government buildings. We are sensitive to the nuances of this type of contract and can provide highly responsive, specialised installations and maintenance services for government bodies.

Please select from one of our key sectors above for more information on the services we offer, or get in touch today if you wish to discuss how we can assist you with your commercial blinds installation.

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