Antibacterial Fabric Blinds

The prevalence of bacteria in a busy office environment may be more of an issue than you think. There could be a range of bacteria, invisible to the naked eye, living on work surfaces and blinds. Most people don’t give this a second thought. When left untreated, this bacteria can grow and spread, with the risk of potentially causing harm to your workforce. With this in mind, we offer antimicrobial fabric blinds in the UK: to ensure that your blinds are not harbouring colonies of unhealthy bacteria.

Changing your existing contract blind fabric to an antimicrobial fabric is the perfect precautionary measure for an extra line of staff defence.

Just because you can’t see the bacteria on your blinds, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Our antibacterial blinds are manufactured with antimicrobial cotton fabric, to help keep your workplace healthy.

Why not replace your current blind fabric covers on-site in 30 minutes? Our trained engineers make light work of the task. Browse our range of antimicrobial fabrics to find the design that best matches your aesthetic. With Bright A Blind’s fabric replacement service you can enjoy the benefits of your new antibacterial blinds with no noise, no mess and minimal disruption

Why Choose Us?

Our range of antimicrobial cotton fabrics utilise technology to prevent the growth of (and ward off) many of the most common sources of illness and infection.

No wonder hospitals and corporations trust our collection of antibacterial fabrics and textiles!

Now you have the option to get this protection in the areas that matter to you the most.

The collection has a selected range of dim-out, blackout and screen fabrics. You can choose the best option for you and your business without compromising on aesthetics. Your staff and customers can all enjoy the health benefits of antibacterial blinds. Using Bio Cote and silver technology, our antimicrobial blinds help to fight superbugs by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi on their surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Benefits of our antimicrobial cotton fabric blinds:

  • Fight Superbugs in the workplace.
  • Improved anti-bacterial coating, making them the perfect choice for large and small workplaces.
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh™ that kills MRSA on contact.

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