Pleated Window Blinds Installation

The Bright A Blind team are experienced specialists in installing all kinds of blinds. Our services are ideal for workplace settings, as well as for skylights. Our pleated fabric blinds are ideal for maintaining privacy, blocking out light and heat and maintaining a stylish aesthetic. In addition to these benefits, they are easy to operate.

The Bright A Blind collection includes pleated skylight blinds. These blinds are usually operated by an adjustable handle controlled either by hand or a wand. However, we also offer sophisticated electrical options that can include switch infra-red or central controls. Motorised pleated blinds are available in polyester fabrics with 25mm wide pleats and include sheer to blackout fabrics. Coatings applied on the back of the fabric are specially designed to reflect heat and light and resist moisture and dirt.

Why Choose Us?

Not only are we specialist blind suppliers, but we are also expert installers, offering in-depth advice and guidance based on you and your specific environment.

At Bright A Blind, we’re aware that there is no simple one-fits-all approach, and therefore pride ourselves on playing close consideration to suggesting options that will enhance your home or work environment. Choose our pleated fabric blinds to experience an effective and attractive shading solution for your premises.


How are pleated blinds fitted?

It is essential that blinds are fitted by experts to ensure safety and longevity. Get in touch with our specialist installers on 020 7700 6000.

What are the benefits of pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds can be fitted in skylights, offering a flexible and practical option to allow light into your room.

Do pleated blinds get dusty?

Gently wiping your blinds down occasionally should prevent a build-up of dust. At Bright A Blind, we also include professional maintenance services to our customers after fitting the blinds. We also supply blinds with a coating especially designed to repel dust.

Do pleated blinds let in light?

You can choose between our standard or blackout blinds to decide how much light you want to let into your room. You are in control.

Can I wash pleated blinds?

Professional cleaning is recommended. Our expert team will be happy to provide this service for you.

Can pleated blinds blackout?

Absolutely. Discuss your requirements with our team when selecting your new blinds.

How long should pleated blinds last?

High-quality pleated blinds are very durable and can last for many years with proper professional care. Bright A Blind includes ongoing maintenance services to ensure this.

Are you made to measure pleated blinds?

We proudly offer bespoke made to measure services on all of our blinds. Call us on 020 7700 6000 today.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.