Pleated Window Blinds Installation

Here at Bright A Blind, we are experienced industry-leaders in high-standard pleated window blinds installations. Our services are ideal for workplace settings, as well as for skylights and special shapes. We aim to provide you with solutions to keep the outside world from affecting you on the inside. Our pleated window blinds are ideal for maintaining privacy, blocking out light and heat, maintaining a stylish aesthetic, and they are easy to operate.

The Bright A Blind collection of pleated window blinds provides an effective solution to excessive light and heat. Normally fitted in skylights, standard operation is by an adjustable handle controlled either by hand or wand, depending on the type of window. We have considered everything to add convenience to your pleated blinds installation. We know that skylights are beyond the normal reach of users, so we also offer sophisticated electrical options that can include: switch infra-red or central controls. Our pleated window blinds are available in fabrics with 25mm wide pleats, are polyester and include sheer to blackout fabrics. Coatings applied on the back of the fabric give superb heat and light reflections and excellent resistance to moisture and dirt.

Why Choose Us?

We are not only a pleated blind fabric supplier, we are also expert pleated blind installers, offering in-depth advice and guidance based on you and your specific environment.

At Bright A Blind, we’re aware that there is no simple one-fits-all approach, and therefore pride ourselves on playing close consideration to how the pleated window blinds we recommend will enhance your home or work environment. We guarantee that our pleated window blinds will provide an effective and attractive shading solution for your premises.

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