Bright A Blind is committed to the highest standard in customer solutions for both new blinds and aftercare. We listen to our customers, continually reviewing our processes of product realisation in line with business needs, maximising the efficiency of our resource management system.

The principal elements of our policy are:
To develop and maintain a Quality and Environmental Management System satisfying the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 which form the framework for achieving continual improvement , complete with satisfaction, reduced environmental impact and full realisation of all company objectives.

a) To focus on the requirements of our clients, establishing levels of communication capable of fully determining their needs and expectations.

b) To maintain an accurate knowledge of and comply with all relevant environmental legislation, requirements, best practise and guidelines.

c) To maintain an optimum understanding of environmental risk and impact associated with our activities and communicate these to our staff, associates and clients (as appropriate) through training and continually updated knowledge on environmental issues.

d) To prevent pollution and minimise the impact of our activities upon the environment in the delivery of our services and where applicable, in the activity of others in deploying those services.

e) To establish and maintain an infrastructure capable of supporting all company activities and realising all company objectives.

f) To identify scope for improvement in every aspect of the companies activities, devising and implementing effective solutions throughout.

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