Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track Systems

We are able to offer Silent Gliss electric curtain track systems for additional ease to your business life. Silent gliss is a leading supplier of motorised curtain track systems and blind systems. When you choose these remote control curtain track systems you are supplied with sophistication and practicality, both of which are extremely beneficial in commercial environments.

Why Should You Choose A Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track?

Enhances Appearance:

  • The elegant curtain track offers a premium appearance to any setting.
  • Available with Wave curtain heading system adding a traditional yet classy look to any room. 
  • With these Silent Gliss electric curtain systems you are guaranteed to seamlessly blend your old decor with your new curtain systems due to the standard neutral colours, which are white and silver. However, if you have a different colour preference, this may be available upon request. 

Increased Practicality:

  • When you choose Silent Gliss electric curtain track systems, you are supplied with the world’s most silent track system operation. 
  • Thanks to new roller technology, the operation is enhanced and therefore much smoother. 
  • Due to compatibility with the Silent Gliss radio remote control systems, you are able to operate the electric curtain track from afar.
  • Motorised curtain track system for contract use
  • Automatic or easy manual limit setting.
  • Equipped with “Touch and Go” and an integrated manual override operation.
  • App operation available.
  • 2 motor speeds.
  • Permanent positioning sensor to keep end positions even without power.
  • Stacking: single and pair stacks. For symmetric applications.
  • Easy ceiling, wall and recess fix. Profile can also be fixed directly onto the ceiling without brackets. This creates a hassle-free installation process with minimal disruption to your work life. 
  • Bendable recess profile is available.
  • The motor can be rotated in four different directions and can also be mounted above the profile.

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