Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track Systems

  • Motorised curtain track system for contract use
  • The world’s most silent curtain track system.
  • Elegant and premium appearance.
  • New roller technology enables an extremely smooth operation (patent pending).
  • Available with Wave curtain heading system
  • Automatic or easy manual limit setting.
  • Compatible with Silent Gliss radio remote control systems.
  • Equipped with “Touch and Go” and an integrated manual override operation.
  • App operation available.
  • 2 motor speeds.
  • Permanent positioning sensor to keep endpositions even without power.
  • Stacking: single and pair stacks. For symmetric applications.
  • Easy ceiling, wall and recess fix. Profile can also be fixed directly onto ceiling without brackets.
  • Bendable recess profile available.
  • The motor can be rotated in four different directions and can also be mounted above the profile.
  • Standard colours: white and silver.
  • Other colours on request.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.