Automatic Window Blind Installation

These days reducing expensive air conditioning costs is at the top of our customer minds and we work with them to develop their strategy in making sure that it really pays off – with our automatic window blinds!

Ask a Venetian blind to tilt it slats open every day at 9am… it’s easy!

Ask a roller blind to lower every day at 4pm… it’s easy!

Ask an entire building to close its verticals vanes at the touch of a button… it’s easy!

From intelligent shading, where you are not heating your rooms in summer to sun sensors controlling best light levels in the building all day every day.

Want to save budget with installation? Use of wireless means no heavy cabling expenses from your contractor. The wireless function even works through concrete walls!

Buy a controller and you can control the blinds of the buildings from the touch of a button…

We help you through the technospeak jargon and once our motorised blinds are installed, say goodbye to misuse and messy cords and sit back – enjoy the praise.

Ask for a technical manager to see you today.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.