Venetian Blind Cleaning Services

At Bright A Blind, we are pleased to offer professional Venetian blind cleaning services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your wooden blinds look presentable all year round. We understand blind maintenance is about more than just appearances. That’s why we’re pleased to be a trusted Venetian blind cleaning company, taking care of an area of the building that can often be overlooked in an office cleaning regime. When it comes to cleaning Venetian blinds, our experts use the latest technological advancements to ultrasonically remove any dust, bacteria and harmful germs.

First established in 1990, we’re proud to be a leading Venetian blind cleaning company. At Bright A Blind, we’re proud to have worked at some of the most prestigious office and commercial locations in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing companies with a reliable, professional Venetian blind cleaning service.

Our cleaners take the time to ensure that the following actions are taken:

  • All operating cords are expertly cleaned
  • Flexible schedules provided
  • Take-down and re-hang service by CRB trained technicians
  • High-precision ultrasonic washing
  • Environmental and biodegradable detergents are used
  • Repairs can be included
  • Dust, bacteria and other harmful germs removed
  • Discounted long-term contracts provided
  • Headrails and components are automatically serviced

Why Choose Our Professional Venetian Blind Cleaning Services?

We strive to guarantee absolute satisfaction by consistently upholding high standards and surpassing expectations every time. Effective communication lies at the core of our Venetian blind cleaning and our cleaners will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your needs.

You can count on us to deliver excellent results. We’ll help you create an attractive and clean environment so that your business makes the right first impression.

For more information on how our professional Venetian blind cleaners can help you achieve outstanding results, please call 020 7700 6000, or send an enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between vertical and Venetian blinds?

Vertical blinds feature slats that hang vertically and can be drawn across a window, usually made from fabric, PVC or other materials. They slide open sideways to control light and privacy. On the other hand, Venetian blinds have horizontal slats connected by strings or cords that can be tilted open or closed. They’re renowned for precise light control, allowing users to adjust the angle of the slats for desired levels of light and privacy.

How do professionals clean Venetian blinds?

At Bright A Blind, our experienced team uses the latest technological advancements to ultrasonically remove any dust and bacteria from your Venetian blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and effective way to target grime and stains, ensuring a comprehensive clean without damaging your blind’s delicate slats.

What is the best way to clean Venetian blinds?

The best way to clean Venetian blinds is to maintain them. At Bright A Blind, our team can show you the simplest way to maintain your blinds between professional cleaning sessions.

How often should I clean my Venetian blinds?

Ideally, Venetian blinds should be lightly dusted or wiped down every week to maintain cleanliness and prevent dust accumulation. A more thorough cleaning, such as our professional services, can be undertaken as needed based on the level of use and environmental factors. Busier offices may require a thorough cleaning on a more regular basis. Our cleaners can advise you of this upon visit and advise you of the best routine for your requirements.

How to clean wooden Venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds require extra care. Use a soft cloth lightly dampened with a wood cleaner or a gentle soap and water mixture to wipe the slats. Avoid excessive moisture as it can damage the wood. Ensure the blinds are completely dry after cleaning to prevent warping or damage to the wood. Our Venetian blind cleaners can take care of everything.

Can Venetian blinds be repaired?

Yes, most issues with Venetian blinds, such as broken slats, tangled cords or malfunctioning mechanisms, can typically be repaired. Our repair services can efficiently assess the problem and provide effective solutions to restore the functionality of your blinds. 

How often should you replace Venetian blinds?

The lifespan of Venetian blinds can vary depending on the material, quality and maintenance. On average, they can last several years with proper care and regular cleaning. Replacement might become necessary due to wear and tear or when repair is no longer a viable option.

Why use Bright A Blind for your professional Venetian blind cleaning?

Choosing Bright A Blind for professional Venetian blind cleaning ensures meticulous care and attention to detail. We prioritise tailored cleaning methods, ensuring a thorough yet gentle washing process that preserves the integrity of your blinds. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we guarantee a refreshed and inviting environment that leaves a long-lasting positive impression.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.