Corporate Responsibility

At Bright A Blind we believe that the achievement of our business objectives can be done by utilising responsible business practices; ensuring that we operate in an ethical and sustainable manner in all that we do. We have developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that help us to deliver upon this.

Our commitment to sustainability means considering the economic, environmental and social impacts of our business decisions and operations. It is important that we get the balance between these correct to ensure our long term future, without compromising that of stakeholders.

We strive to be supportive to our stakeholders, both internal and external in ways that matter to them. Working together, engendering a ‘teamwork’ approach we believe that collectively we can have a positive impact on society.

Our Workforce:
We are very proud of our people and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves. We believe that happiness in the workplace is essential and we aim to provide an environment for all staff that is fully inclusive, rewarding hard work and promoting a friendly place to work. We also offer a comprehensive basket of benefits to all employees, including private medical insurance and gym membership, as their health and well-being is important to us.

Our Customers & Suppliers:
We aim for excellence in that we do and have developed a strong reputation with our customers and suppliers by delivering on expectations in a consistent, proficient and knowledgeable manner.

The blind refurbishment and cleaning service that we have always offered is aimed at supporting our customers approach to sustainability, helping them to prolong the life of their blinds. Over the years we have invested heavily in this area and the development of new products aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our products. We will continue to work with our full supply chain to ensure that we keep moving forward with any developments.

Our Communities:
The communities in which we operate are very important to us as we believe that strong, healthy businesses need strong healthy communities. We seek to support our local communities in a number of ways, including donations of cash and products to charitable and community groups. We have also recently developed an Employee Volunteering Programme that will see our people support various groups with their time and skills. In addition to proactively sourcing our community partners we also consider approaches from groups and aim to help where possible.

Wider Society:
As a business, the main way we can have a positive impact upon wider society is by continuing our commitment to responsible business practices, in particular our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

We have developed procedures to ensure our waste is disposed of in the most responsible manner, including recycling, and we continually seek ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Additionally we are also looking at the development of products that can reduce the amount of light pollution from business premises.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not an ‘add-on’ for us. We have the motivation and commitment to ensure that our business strategy is truly sustainable and out ‘triple bottom line’ is healthy – positively impacting upon the economic, social and environmental aspects of our operations.

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