Window Blind Case Studies

Company A Case Study
Company A took a 5 year lease, in a prestigious tower in the City. It was a fully repairing lease and although they did not appreciate it at the time, the replacement value of the blinds installed was worth £250,000 across four floors.

Five years later, these blinds were dirty, damaged and in some cases, falling down. A few had been replaced on an ad-hoc basis, but most went ignored. When the lease was about to expire, they were required to make good all fixtures and fittings and it was requested by the landlord that these blinds be replaced.

Bright A Blind could have saved this company £180,000 over the five year term.

Company B Blind Case Study
Company B is an owner occupier and with a proactive facilities manager who believes in regular preventative maintenance of all aspects of the company premises.

This FM entered into a cost-effective agreement for regular maintenance of blind assets 8 years ago and these assets have since been fully maintained. No unscheduled costs have been incurred over the tenancy and the blinds are still clean and fully operational, extending their life and investment.

More importantly, this company has had no H&S liability to threaten its business standing or unexpected costs for replacement blinds and will be in situ for a further 3 years when a re-fit of the office is scheduled to take place.

Company C Blinds Case Study
Company C is an owner occupier with three separate sites but centrally managed with a proactive facilities manager who has had no cleaning or maintenance program in place. Any blinds that failed were being replaced. With around 1000 blinds across the three sites, on average about 8 blinds a month were being replaced on a reactive basis, costing £250 / unit to replace. Total annual expenditure on replacement blinds was just over £25,000.

The situation was evaluated and the fact that the company did not want the blinds to be removed and taken off the premises (as it would cause disruption to the workplace) was taken into account. Instead, they entered into a cost-effective maintenance agreement for regular maintenance of their blinds: inspecting, testing and servicing them on-site, saving two thirds the annual cost of replacements.

The blinds are fully operational, extending their life and investment and in several years time they can all be replaced at a far more cost effective rate than on a call-off basis.

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