Solar Window Film - Commercial Window Tinting

We know that it can often be hard enough to focus at work, as it is, without all of the additional uncomfortableness, of passers by, looking directly in. That’s why we offer commercial window film installation so that this no longer has to be a concern. All of our solar control window film treatments come with extensive warranties and can be installed “in or out of office hours”. We will work around you so that we will not disrupt your workforce in any way. What’s more, is there are a whole range of options too. Ask for a colour swatch – there’s over 100 to select from!

  • Bomb Blast Protection Protects employees from shard glass
  • Solar Control Films Reduces heat loss through winter
  • Window graphics To any artwok
  • Privacy Films One or two way protection
  • Anti Fade Films Filter out nearly all of UV radiation
  • Anti Glare Films Reduces glare by up to 90%
  • Security Films Holds glass together in the event of breakage

Security & Solar Film For Education
We supply and fit only the best quality commercial window tinting film using the most advanced technology.

You may be concerned about the age and condition of your premises and want to make sure that you are conforming with the current legal requirements. Equally, will it still do its job in the event of an accident? We can offer a free test to assess the quality of the film. We can tell you where improvements can be made. So that you can be comforted with the peace of mind that everything is in order.

There are over 60 films available ranging in thickness and UV rejection.

A number of educational premises have transformed their energy performance and modernised the appearance of their external building image. Not only, does solar window film installation provide the perfect sleek finish, but it also has a full range of practical benefits too.

For improved security, why not install privacy film to avoid prying eyes at half terms and weekends.

For accident prevention our safety films hold the glass in place safely and securely to give you peace of mind.

If heat is your issue then you will be able to see the positive effect on productivity from teachers and learners alike. Films can reduce ambient room temperatures by 5C. Solar window films allow everyone in the building to focus on their work without additional distractions or discomforts.

But what about in winter? The films reflect the heat back into the building. So you can stay warmer more easily and only spend what you need to on heating.

There are so many solutions through the use of good quality film that it’s good sense to meet with an expert who can give you the advice you need. We can advise you on how the benefits will affect you, and whether or not it is worth the investment.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.