Refurb Ideas - Helping You Choose Your New Office Blinds

Choosing Office Blinds – What We Do

When choosing office blinds there are multiple factors which you should include, from the basic appearance of the blinds and how they suit the room they’re fitted in, to their style and benefits. Another thing to consider when choosing office blinds is that they should be high quality and long lasting, both things which here at Bright-A-Blind we can guarantee you with our high quality products. It’s important to take care of your blinds to ensure the longevity of their lifespan and keep them working effectively for as long as possible. This is where we can step in, with our blind refurbishing services. We can remove, repair, replace and clean your blinds. With free storage for over 8 weeks.

Firstly, we can remove the blinds. Then we can repair broken chains, cords and tracks. Our solutions to blind maintenance are simple, fast and reliable. We can match any blind in the UK at low cost. From a meeting room to high level installations, we’ve got you covered and can replace your blinds! To clean your blinds, we need to know what blinds you need cleaning. This is because different blinds have different cleaning methods. For cleaning vertical blinds , our specially commissioned fabric washing machines delicately improves appearances. When cleaning venetian blinds, they are ultrasonically cleaned in our ‘new generation’ ultrasonic cleaners. Our latest ultrasonic cleaners also help us when cleaning roller blinds .Using this technology puts us on the forefront! Finally, when cleaning pleated blindsthey need specialist attention. When we are cleaning them, you can rest assured we are the people to take care of them.


Why Choose Us When Choosing Office Blinds

We have been working in the refurbishment sector for over 25 years! We can support your budget by storing your blinds safely at our secured customised workshop, free of charge, for up to 8 weeks! In the right hands, restoring performance and appearance can save 95% of your spend against replacements. If you’re considering a “new look”, change of colour, or reducing utility bills for the existing space, why not let us present you with a great range of new shading solutions?

We’re with you every step of the way, whether you’re choosing office blinds or refurbishing!

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