Cleaning External Blinds

It is absolutely vital to ensure that your external window blinds are kept clean. Effectively cleaning outdoor blinds will ensure they remain fully functional, preventing breakages or deterioration. External window blinds are susceptible to wear and tear if they are not correctly looked after. Blinds that are neglected can lose their functionality. We recommend cleaning your external blinds regularly to keep them in good working order and to maintain the sleek appearance of your home or business. Keeping external blinds clean requires a professional solution. At Bright A Blind, we provide a reliable external blind cleaning service to maintain the quality of your external blinds.

Our Professional External Blind Cleaning Service

At Bright A Blind, we pride ourselves on our professional outdoor blind cleaning services. We will ensure that you receive immaculate results every time, tailoring our service to your needs. Blinds can be cleaned fully mounted, including ladder and lift tape. This means we can clean your blinds at your property or have the blinds removed and cleaned in our workshop, whichever you prefer. Our friendly and fully-trained site staff are not only specialists in cleaning outdoor blinds, but they can also expertly carry out repairs and maintenance.

Why Choose Bright A Blind?

Our external blind cleaning service includes the following outstanding features:

  • European Innovation Award-winning service
  • Tapes are cleaned as well
  • 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100mm slat sizes
  • Newly developed technology
  • Service throughout the UK


What is the best way to clean outdoor blinds?

Light maintenance, such as wiping and dusting your blinds, will help keep them in good condition. However, it is important that thorough outdoor blind cleaning is undertaken by professionals.

Can you hire someone to clean your blinds?

At Bright A Blind, we offer a professional outdoor blind cleaning service. Our team can come to clean your blinds at your property or take them to our workshop, whichever works best for you.

How often should you clean external blinds?

This will largely depend on your environment, for example, your proximity to a busy road or the seaside will affect how often your external blinds will need cleaning. Get in touch with our expert team for advice.

Why use a professional external blind cleaning company?

If the incorrect cleaning methods are used, your blinds may be damaged during cleaning. Choosing our professional services will mean your blinds will be cleaned by experts, and you can be confident in seeing excellent results.

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