Cleaning External Blinds

It is vital to make sure your external window blinds are kept clean for them to work properly, it requires a modern solution. That is why we provide a high quality external blind cleaning service.

External window blinds quickly weather and can ruin the overall look of your premises. We know that the appearance of your home is vitally important, because of this, we recommend cleaning your external blinds, as a way of maximising the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our professional cleaning device washes horizontal blinds on buildings or in the workshop. At Bright A Blind, we pride ourselves on our external blinds cleaning services and always ensure immaculate results. The blinds are cleaned fully mounted, including ladder and lift tape. Bright A Blind’s fully trained site staff are not only specialists in cleaning window blinds, but they can also repair as well.

Why Choose Bright A Blind For External Blind Cleaning?

We offer the following:

  • European Innovation Award
  • Tapes are cleaned as well
  • 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100mm slat sizes
  • Newly developed technology
  • Service throughout the UK


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