External Roller Blinds – Fibreglass Blinds

Waterproof roller blinds from Bright A Blind are not only elegant, but they are also extremely efficient. With over 25 years of experience within the blind industry, Bright A Blind are passionate about providing high-quality outdoor roller blinds. We believe our extensive knowledge of the industry helps us create the best tailored experience for each of our customers.

The Benefits Of Our Outdoor Roller Blinds

When choosing fabrics for exterior roller blinds, we recommend fibreglass blinds. These waterproof outdoor blinds come with a range of benefits, particularly for external use. Fibreglass is a natural mineral, so when using it for external roller blinds, it creates a durable, waterproof and completely recyclable product. As well as this, the shading that fibreglass blinds offer reduces solar light, which in turn reduces the heat levels inside the building.

The durability and solar resistance mean that these outdoor roller shades provide significant cost-saving benefits too. Air conditioning does not have to be used as regularly as in buildings without specialist blinds. The open structure of the blind fabric diffuses daylight whilst blocking direct rays. It’s also worth noting that the selection of colour and transparency play an important role in achieving a good interior light balance. These blinds allow you to strike the right balance between lighting a space and shielding it from excess heat and light. Our outdoor roller blinds are also ideal for patios, due to their durability.

Why Choose Us For External Roller Blinds?

Our expert advisers can help you consider reflection, absorption and transmission on fabric characteristics. This can be discussed in relation to your individual requirements and with consideration to your specific environment. Our experts can also discuss our external maintenance services with you. We offer professional support and advice throughout the entire design and installation process: from planning and installation, all the way to the aftercare of your external roller blinds.

All of our exterior waterproof roller blinds are designed to be long-lasting, however, it’s important that the maintenance and aftercare of these blinds is taken into consideration. Making sure that you look after your blinds will also contribute to longevity. Our team can offer a quality service that keeps your blinds functioning faultlessly for longer.

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