Professional Blind Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Here at Bright A Blind we pride ourselves as the market leading specialist for premises professionals in FM and Fit out . We understand that different types of blinds have different cleaning and maintenance requirements, which is why we specifically tailor our professional blind cleaning and servicing to your products. Our extensive blind cleaning services, ultrasonic tank technology plant and facilities allow us to produce flawless results and give your internal and external blinds the thorough cleaning they require to give you great performance.

For a small premium we can put up low cost temporary screens whilst the blinds are with us –

In our cleaning bays for a deep ultrasonic wash?

Get them inspected, repaired and maintained as well by our specialist trained service technicians . Heres why?

Without regular blind repair and maintenance, it is unlikely that you will get the best out of your blinds. Our blind repair and maintenance services extend to both interior and exterior blinds on your premises and if you have more than one site that you are managing, we can offer blind repair solutions to ensure that you receive the superior service you require on all sites without inflating costs. We have extensive UK accredited partnership arrangements across the country with companies that are able to meet our high standards.

Blinds Contamination Risk Areas

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