Service Plans - Breath New Life Into Your Existing Blinds

Blind Service Plans – Why Us?

Here at Bright A Blind we pride ourselves on brilliant customer service. At Bright A Blind, we have been doing this on behalf of our clients nationally and locally for over 25 years. So for your blind Service Plans, you can trust us.

There’s a great range of specialist cleaning or preventive maintenance plans. All our plans are tailored to your premises and then designed to reduce repairs and replacements all year round. Results increase performance and appearance automatically.

When deciding what to do with your blinds it’s important to consider the benefits of having blind service plans in place.

Are the blinds out of guarantee? Are you on one site or spread throughout the UK? With so many blinds to manage, it makes common sense to pull them all together into one of our specialist blind service plans.

Benefits Being An Annual Plan Holder

  •        Discounts on all parts and components
  •        Clear and Accurate Administration
  •        Large discounts for replacements
  •        No installation charges
  •        Fast turnarounds
  •        Fixed price packages for up to 4 years
  •        Next day service
  •        Account Management throughout

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.