Non-Retractable Blinds

The Techtonic non-retractable blinds by Louvre has been designed specifically for roof applications, both internal and external, and is particularly suitable for horizontal, sloping or unusually shaped glazed areas, particularly conservatory type roofs. The system consists of an aluminium subframe which is assembled beneath the glazing area to be covered. Once this subframe is in place, aluminium or wood Louvres are clipped in. The system adapts to fit almost any glazed area and provides the solution to the most difficult applications. Once installed, the fully adjustable Louvres reduce solar heat gain, control glare, allow outward vision and ensure the best use of natural lighting conditions. Techtonic is a very robust product and is virtually maintenance-free.

Techtonic Louvres, supported from aluminium rack arms, prevent the problem of sagging which can occur with retractable blinds. Many control options are possible from manual, where appropriate, through to electric and remote. Timers and sun sensors may also be used.

For internal blinds, Techtonic is available with 25mm, 50mm, 80mm and 88mm aluminium slat, with 50mm wood slats providing a beautiful option for an office, boardroom or domestic use.

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