Office Moving

For lease holders leaving their premises, blinds are often treated as a disposable item and replaced completely during a period of dilapidations.

Business movers who have retained their asset value with an independent service record from a qualified blind specialist can enjoy more value by transferring the asset to the next lease holder.

If your not in this category and concerned about final bills, then one of the most effective ways of making substantial savings is to look at combination of maintenance,repair and deep cleaning over buying new blinds.

For example, a final service program before you leave the premises can cost as little as 5% or the original price of the shading system.

For lease holders moving in there are great opportunities to put in place a sharp modern looking solarshade system that will reduce both heat and glare. If that’s not required, why not refurbish the existing and lose all the refurbishment debris that was left on the blinds by the last contractor?

Why automated solar shading?

  • Counters the greenhouse effect in glass buildings
  • Allows full use of solar gain when required
  • Maximises the use of natural daylight
  • Reduces electric light consumption
  • Significantly reduces air conditioning costs
  • Enables employees to work in comfort
  • Controls glare on visual display screens
  • Perfectly compliments modern commercial buildings

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