Return To Work – To Do List

What can you do for your staff about invisible bacteria and germs living on your window blinds?

When you are short on time, a quick dust and wipe at every window location might seem like a job well done, but bacteria and viruses can get left behind and in the wrong hands blinds can get damaged as well.

The good news is that you only need one specialist provider to instantly help protect staff and visitors in three cost cutting and innovative ways:

Deep Anti-Bacterial Ultrasonic Wash Deep Anti-Bacterial Ultrasonic Wash
From one blind to  thousands, our specialist commercial ultrasonic cleaning tanks remove bacteria and harmful germs…

Anti-Bacterial Fabrics Changing your contract blind fabric to an Anti-Bacterial Fabric for an extra line of staff defence.
Just because you can’t see the bacteria doesn’t mean its not there.

Convert Blinds To Automatic Converting Manual Blinds to Automatic
We convert your manually operated blinds into motorised blinds simply and without fuss.

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