Silent Gliss Manual Roller Blinds 4910

The expert blind and curtain manufacturers and providers, Silent Gliss are an ideal option for your business. We offer Silent Gliss 4910 manual roller blinds. These manual roller blinds are the ideal, versatile option for effortless and smooth operation. 

Why Should You Choose Silent Gliss 4910 Manual Roller Blinds?

  • Silent and smooth chain operated manual roller blind system for contract applications.
  • Effortless and elegant operation with stainless steel bead chain.
  • Blind can be stopped at any given position. This means that when you choose Silent Gliss 4910 manual roller blinds, you are able to get the perfect balance of light and shade very easily. 
  • These manual roller blinds are extremely hassle free to install thanks to easy ceiling, wall or recess fix.
  • Optional continuous installation profile in white as standard with easy click in brackets for fast fixing.
  • Optional adjustable end stop allows upper or lower limit setting after installation.
  • Side-by-side version with centre support bracket and minimal light gap.
  • Side guide option available.
  • Choice of bottom bar designs.
  • Optional metal design brackets with or without continuous headrail.
  • Optional stop controller mechanism halts the blind at any given position – ideal for very tall windows or contracts where all blinds must be at the same level from the outside.
  • Optional integral Child Safety Device. Safety is always a priority so this was carefully considered when designing these manual roller blinds. 

As well as the Silent gliss 4910 manual roller blinds, we are also able to offer Silent Gliss 4930 blinds. The main difference being the weight, Silent Gliss 4930 are heavier in weight. The demands of your room will depend on which model will be better for you.

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