Warema External Venetian Blinds

Our Warema external Venetian blinds offer complete flexibility to the user. They can be raised in winter or overcast days and their angle of tilt can be regulated to let in natural daylight as required. In addition, the improved closure provides privacy and room darkening benefits.

Can be operated by remote control or interfacing with computer-based building management systems.

The Venetians embody many special features to combat weather conditions including wind attack.

By offering sun protection outside the building, external Venetians will provide the maximum possible reduction of solar gain entering your premises, resulting in lower air-conditioning costs and reduction of CO2 emissions

Time clocks and solar sensors can add great value and cut down on building management time.
With electric motors enclosed within the headrail, each blind can be operated individually or in banks of several blinds.

With so many options available, why not meet our technical installation manager to discuss the building needs.

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