Draper Flexshade XD

Draper Rollershade

At Bright A Blind, we’re pleased to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable Draper flexshades. With a maximum shade width of 12 feet (366cm), our Draper rollershades come equipped with a steel mounting bracket that features an integrated XD clutch, ensuring optimum durability and smooth operation.

For added convenience, the Draper motorised flexshade is available with an optional Spring Lift Assist feature, designed to make operating the shade even easier. Additionally, our bead chain clutch can be mounted on the right side as standard, or on the left-hand side if preferred.

To suit your preferences, the clutch is available in two colours, white (as standard) or black. A stainless steel bead chain is included with every purchase. However, if you would prefer an alternative material, we can offer polyester chains in white, black, brown, grey or ivory at no extra charge.

Our standard Draper XD package also includes mounting brackets. If you’re interested in additional features, we can offer optional fascia and endcaps, or a headbox with closure.

For further customisation, customers can choose from a range of hardware finish options, including clear anodised (as standard), black, white, ivory or charcoal bronze. If you have a specific colour preference in mind, we can also provide custom powder coat colours.

To accommodate a vast array of requirements, we offer both small and large hardware options. Additionally, upon request, we can use adhesive attachments instead of the standard spline attachment.

It’s important to note that our shades are designed for interior use, ensuring they complement your indoor space seamlessly. If you’re a parent managing a busy household, we can adapt your Draper motorised flexshades to be child-safe, providing additional peace of mind.

At Bright A Blind, we prioritise offering versatile and high-quality shading solutions. Whether it’s shade width, clutch operation, chain material, hardware finish or safety features, we are committed to providing Draper flexshades that suit your style and requirements perfectly.

For more information regarding the Draper rollershades we offer, or to enquire about Draper cleaning services, please call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.

For more information call 020 7700 6000 or send an enquiry.