BAB CRS 32, 40, 45 Roller Blinds

Roller tubes available in 32mm smooth, 45mm & 45mm heavy duty grooved aluminium.
• Manual chain control available RH or LH with optional “child safety” features, easy-break connector, chain cleat, chain tidy.
• Optional spring assist for easier operation on larger, heavier blinds.
• Intermediate bracket available for multi-linked blinds, providing a single chain control for two blinds.
• Rectangular and curved cassette and fascia available in white, grey or black.
• Brackets with a unique securing pin for extra safety, after installation.
• Optional back bar allowing multiple fixing brackets for a more secure fixing.
• Sidewinder end sets with side-lock technology provide increased holding weight for smooth operation of larger blinds.
• Sprung pin end provides flexibility allowing a tight fit on installation.
• Exposed, aluminium circular or rectangular bottom bar available in silver or white finish.
• Optional rectangular plastic bottom bar, wrapped in roller cover.
• Guide wire system available to retain straight and parallel operation on longer drops.
• Dual blind bracket option for positioning two blinds in front of one another.
• All BAB CRS roller blinds are 10-year life cycle tested.

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