How Energy-Efficient Blinds Can Reduce Your Heating Bills

While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the UK’s economy is improving, there are still many businesses across the country that are feeling the pinch, with every penny taking on a tremendous level of importance.

Efficiency is everything in the world of business. While there may have once been a time when companies could get away with wasteful practices, there is now no room for error. This is particularly true in regard to balancing your finances and ensuring that you’re making a steady profit.

Managing Your Energy Use

Financial conditions, combined with an increasing awareness of environmental issues, means that energy use has become an area that has come under increased scrutiny. As we all strive to help reduce global warming and save our planet before it’s too late, many businesses are taking active steps to improve their impact on the planet.

Although many firms will find it difficult to turn their backs on the days of switching on the air conditioning, central heating or lighting all day every day depending on the conditions, there are many solutions to these issues which will help provide them with the best of both worlds. From energy-efficient light bulbs to our most energy-efficient blinds; there’s a solution to suit every issue.

With our focus being on how our most energy-saving blinds can help to reduce your heating bills, it’s important to understand that there are multiple natural ways to combat the elements without burning a hole in the company’s accounts.

Would you believe us if we said that our energy-efficient window blinds can provide the answer you’re looking for?

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Blinds?

When considering energy-efficient approaches, many companies choose to adopt solutions like double glazing or natural lighting. However, these setups are by no means perfect. Natural lighting is a great way to cut down on electricity bills, but sunlight can cause problems if it’s used irresponsibly.

Unlike conventional electric lighting, it’s incredibly difficult to control natural light. If it’s too bright, there’s very little you can do to stop it from overwhelming the office and stifling productivity, including preventing workers from being able to see their computer screens from the glare produced. Similarly, an abundance of natural light can lead to the creation of a greenhouse effect. This can send in-office temperatures soaring to a point where turning on the air conditioning may be necessary, defeating any attempt to be more energy efficient.

Motorised Energy-Efficient Blinds

Able to act at certain times throughout the day, motorised energy-saving blinds can ensure a constant optimum working environment throughout your office. For example, you could programme a Venetian blind to tilt its slats at 9am, filling the office with warm morning sunshine. Alternatively, you could instruct a roller blind to lower at 4pm, or even get an entire building to close its vertical vanes at the touch of a button.

One way you could save money on installation and maintenance is by installing a series of effective motorised energy-efficient blinds. This allows companies to cut back on the use of conventional, expensive heating and lighting methods. Companies can save further pennies by opting for wireless installation, meaning there is no need for heavy cabling expenses from your contractor. The wireless function even works through concrete walls.

Why Choose Our Energy-Efficient Blinds?

At Bright A Blind, we’re pleased to offer our customers various affordable options, guaranteed to ensure your blinds remain clean and maintained throughout the year. To find out more, why not give us a call today on 020 7700 6000!

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