Risk Assessment

Health and safety at work can be managed successfully by first identifying the hazards; measuring and evaluating the risks associated with the hazards; removing or controlling the risks, followed by educating all exposed to the risk; implementing an action programme; monitoring and reviewing the performance hazards; and deciding how to control those risks.

“HAZARD” is taken to mean any substance, article, material or practice which has the potential to cause harm to the safety, health or welfare of employees at work and others affected by that work.

“RISK” is taken to mean the potential to cause harm in the actual circumstances of use and the likelihood of that potential being realised.

A uniform approach is taken when carrying out suitable and sufficient risk assessments and a typical risk assessment record form is included in the section on specific risk assessments.

Additional technical information in respect of particular risks is contained in the Safe Working Guidance section of this System.

We will carry out suitable and sufficient assessments of the risks to the health and safety of our employees and others affected by our work activities in compliance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

To ensure that this happens we:

  • Identify all hazards with a potential to cause harm to our employees and others who may be affected.
  • Evaluate the probability and severity of injury or damage.
  • Will, where we identify a risk of serious or imminent danger:
    – Establish appropriate procedures, including the stopping and resumption of work, for controlling exposure to this special risk.
    – Nominate sufficient competent persons to implement the procedure for evacuation from the premises.
    – Restrict access to the danger area for all who have not received adequate instruction.
  • Analyse the options for eliminating, reducing or controlling the risks and then take appropriate action.
  • Review the assessments periodically and particularly where they may no longer be valid or where there has been a significant change in work activities, processes, etc.
  • Keep records in writing or electronic form of the significant findings of risk assessments and identify employees who may be especially at risk.
  • Provide appropriate health surveillance where there is an identifiable disease or potential adverse health condition related to our work.
  • Appoint competent person(s) to assist us in complying with our statutory duties for health and safety.
  • Provide our employees and employees of other employers working on our premises with comprehensive and relevant information on risks, preventative and protective measures, emergency procedures and competent persons.
  • Will, (as appropriate) co-operate, co-ordinate and share information relating to risks, with any other person within the premises, to enable each of us to comply with our statutory duties for health and safety.

In addition to the above it is our policy to carry out specific risk assessments in accordance with the other Regulations and Codes of Practice as detailed in Section 4.1

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