Cord Safety

We support our trade associations campaign to protect children and you can help.

The European Committee for Standardisation says:

“Complete elimination of the strangulation risk can only be achieved by keeping cords,chains and tapes and similar out of the reach of children. Use of additional safety devises may reduce the risk of strangulation but cannot be considered foolproof.

Motorisation eliminates the risk associated with looped and pull cord operating mechanisms but the risk relating to inner tapes and cords (for relevant products) remains.

Persons in charge of children are ultimately responsible for following the safety instruction provided by the manufacturer.”

You can take a number of practical steps to significantly reduce the risk:

  • Make sure all cords are out of reach of children
  • Do not place a playpen near to a window blind
  • Do not place chairs or tables or bookshelves near to a window blind as children love to climb
  • Fit Tie-back or cleats. This can be fitted to an adjacent wall with cords wrapped around it to put it out of reach of children
  • Fit spring cord tensioners. The cord is fed through a pulley which tensions the cord as if it was weighted
  • Fit chain break connectors or safety tassels. These break apart when excessive force is used

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